October 31, 2005

New Labour wants to steal you home

Not satisfied with stealling your property if you are not using it in the way that New Labour wants, they also want to be able to steal it if you break an ASBO. That is they want to be able to steal proprty based on an order given based on idle gossip for nonsesical reasons without a proper trial in court
The 40 separate proposals include moves to allow local councils to seize the privately owned homes of people convicted of serious anti-social behaviour offences.
and confirms it with an article from the times
The Times:

Confiscating the homes of people who breach anti-social behaviour orders (Asbos)

Yup, they really are suggesting this.

The report confirms plans to let local councils confiscate the homes of persistent offenders who breach their Asbos, and to send problem families to “sin bins” for rehabilitation.

Confiscation of property and off to a re-education camp with you.


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